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Find Out What the Worst-Case Scenario is Regarding Your Toothache

April 16, 2018

Find Out What the Worst-Case Scenario is Regarding Your Toothache

On no – your tooth hurts! This can be the worst feeling but the good news is that there is help out there. We recommend that you stop reading right now and call California Dental Group at (800) 407-0161 so what we can complete a full dental exam to determine what the cause is. Remember that leaving it alone is likely just going to make it worse – get help today! You can also read on to discover some of the possible causes of your toothache.

You could be suffering from tooth decay

One of the likely causes of your toothache is tooth decay. A small toothache could indicate the beginning of decay. You don’t want to ignore this, because it’s not going to resolve on its own. It will get worse and worse the longer it’s not treated. It can lead to issues not just on your teeth but below the surface too. This is a progressive issue that can have a long-term impact if you don’t get it taken care of right away. On the other hand, if we catch it early enough it’s a relatively easy thing to treat.

You could be suffering from gum disease

You may wonder what gum disease has to do with a toothache, but it’s important to remember that the health of your gums and your teeth are not separate issues. If you have gum disease and / or an infection in your gums, then you could be dealing with a toothache. Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease, and it can be treated fairly easily. If it progresses it can get to the advanced periodontist phase where the bones in your jaw are damaged.

You could have a tooth injury

One of the worst-case scenarios is that you have an injury to your teeth. The reason this can be such a frustrating and unpleasant thing is that it may lead to losing your tooth. After an injury, a tooth will likely become discolored and eventually will loosen. The hard part is that even if you know it’s injured, you may not realize how injured it is. You may think it’s just a little pain when under the gum the tooth is in bad shape. When you work with a dentist, we can help determine the extent of the injury and whether the pain will subside on its own or if action must be taken.

Don’t wait to find out the source of your toothache

It is always worth it to talk to a dentist about your tooth pain. If it’s something minor that will fade on its own, then you’ll have the peace of mind that you’re in good shape. If it’s something that needs attention, then you can count on the fact that it will be more affordable and less painful the earlier you have it taken care of. contact California Dental Group at (800) 407-0161 to make a dentist appointment.

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