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Dramatically Improve Your Smile With Same Day Dental Crowns

September 26, 2014

With same day dental crowns, you can dramatically improve the health and appearance of your smile.

Same Day Dental CrownsMany people prefer dental crowns to dentures to fix problematic teeth. Crowns can help resolve the appearance of misshapen, cracked, discolored, decayed, and damaged teeth. They can also be inserted into the mouth in place of a lost tooth. The porcelain finish looks extremely natural. Since crowns are very popular, new technology allows dentists to provide this restorative treatment to patients within a few hours. The dentist uses a 3D camera to capture pictures of the tooth that needs a crown. Using these photos, a crown is generated and placed in the patient’s mouth within few hours. There are many reasons why people are opting for this new technology.

Ideal During a Dental Emergency

When a patient has a dental emergency, same day crowns are a wonderful way to fix the problem quickly and effectively. If the traditional technology is used, the patient might have to wait a week or two before the restoration is completed. Some patients do not want to wait this long. Others cannot risk waiting this long when they have serious dental problems they need to take care of.

Less Hassle

A lot of patients opt for same day crowns because they are less of hassle. It is easy to wait a few hours one day at the dentist office to have your crowns installed. If you choose traditional crowns, you might have to come back to the office one or two times before your crowns are ready. Some people do not have the time for this with their busy schedules, so they prefer to rely on same day crowns.

Same Cosmetic Improvement

Same day crowns provide the same cosmetic improvement that regular crowns offer. They look great when they are placed in the mouth. They result in a better smile. In addition, the patient will also have an easier time talking and eating because the problems with their teeth will be resolved.

Little Price Difference

In most cases, the price difference between the two options is very little. This means that if you prefer to have your crowns placed in your mouth on the same day, then it might be worth it. Regardless of what option you choose, it is important to understand that you are not sacrificing the quality of the cosmetic treatment when you pay for the same day procedure. If you are interested in same day crowns, contact California Dental Group today. They can help you with all of your dental needs and provide you with more information about this procedure that is growing in popularity. Together, you and the dentist, can determine if the treatment is right for your needs.

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