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Debunking Common Misconceptions About Root Canal Treatments in California

June 13, 2023

Root canal treatment is necessary when bacteria enter the root of the tooth and cause pus or pain.

At California Dental Group, we encounter numerous misconceptions about root canal treatments. Popular notions range from the procedure being excruciatingly painful to it being a last resort, and even to it being better to simply extract the tooth.

While we conduct a thorough assessment before recommending any treatment, a root canal often emerges as the most effective, least painful, and swiftest solution to certain dental issues. Here, we debunk some prevailing myths about this widely employed dental procedure. Reach out to California Dental Group at (800) 407-0161 if you believe you might need this or another dental intervention.

Myth Busted: Extraction Is Preferable to Root Canal Treatment

Though tooth extraction becomes necessary in certain instances, in most cases, root canal treatment triumphs over extraction. Our primary objective is preserving as much of your natural tooth as we can, through various methods such as fillings, crowns, or occasionally, root canal procedures. Typically, a root canal is advised when the tooth’s pulp is inflamed or infected.

On occasion, if an infection is too advanced before we intervene, tooth extraction may be unavoidable. However, the primary goal is to eliminate the infection and preserve the remainder of your tooth. More often than not, a root canal is the optimal means to achieve this.

Myth Busted: Root Canals Are Excruciating

Images from movies or TV shows might portray root canal treatments as unbearably painful, but this is far from reality. With modern dental techniques, the procedure is virtually painless. At California Dental Group, we go to great lengths to ensure your utmost comfort.

Myth Busted: Root Canals Result in Illness

Contrary to this myth, root canals do not cause illness. Over a century ago, dentists suspected that root canal treatments could aggravate other illnesses. However, subsequent research found no evidence supporting this claim. A special issue of the Journal of American Dental Association published in 1951 debunked this myth, asserting that root canals were safe and that earlier misconceptions about illness exacerbation stemmed from a lack of understanding of disease causes.

Myth Busted: Root Canal Treatment Is Only Necessary for Painful Teeth

Healthy teeth indeed don’t hurt, and you certainly don’t need a root canal on a healthy tooth. However, you could have dental decay and pulp infection long before they cause noticeable pain. During your routine check-up and cleaning, we might detect an infection, potentially enabling us to perform a root canal before the tooth begins to hurt.

If you’re experiencing tooth pain, or it’s time for your regular dental cleaning, don’t hesitate to contact California Dental Group at (800) 407-0161. We are committed to providing top-tier, comprehensive dental services.

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