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Same Day Crowns – The Convenient Dental Solution

September 15, 2014

Convenient Dental SolutionSame day crown services have been developing for over 25 years, and have reached the point where teeth that appear entirely real can now be designed and crafted in mere hours. The incredible speed of this service is thanks to two pieces of incredible technology. The first piece is a high-resolution 3-D imaging scanner that replaces the traditional molding process, and the second is a professional milling machine capable of automatically rendering a piece of porcelain into a dental crown.

A Brief Overview of the Process and Benefits

First, the dental associate will sweep the imaging scanner inside the patient’s mouth, ensuring that every angle has been captured on the nearby computer monitor. After a 3-D rendering of the mouth or damaged area is completed, the computer will render a completed tooth in patient’s problem area and begin the milling process. The mill uses a piece of porcelain hand selected to match the patient’s original enamel color. This matching color makes for seamless repairs or caps in many circumstances, and the high durability of same day crowns means that it will be years before the crown needs to be attended to by a dental professional. The comfort of restored teeth is only matched by their appearance, instilling a sense of self-confidence in many patients.

Eliminating the Discomfort and Danger of Temporary Crowns

Perhaps the greatest benefit of same day crown service is the lack of necessity for temporary crowns. These crowns were traditionally made of acrylic or an acrylic and ceramic blend, and installed to prevent further damage or wear to the teeth receiving permanent crowns as they are manufactured in the dental laboratory. Not only do temporary crowns appear less realistic than their permanent counterparts, but they are much more susceptible to breakage, which can cause a return in tooth pain and possibly even create a choking hazard. Same day crowns take the convenience of temporary models and combines it with the durability and comfort of permanent ones.

Are Same Day Crowns the Right Fit for You?

Because only so much can be accomplished in one visit to the dental office, each patient’s eligibility for same day crowns is carefully considered in a case-by-case basis. For instance, a full dental implant may appear more natural-looking than a crown on one half of a large front tooth. This is why a consultation with the top dental professionals is crucial to receiving the best treatment  and best crown  available.

How to Find the Same Day Crown Experts of California

Same day crowns are readily available at many quality dental practices, but if you are looking for convenience, then you should turn to the best in the business, lest you need to find additional service elsewhere. If you are interested in finding out whether or not your dental situation is right for same day crown service, contact the California Dental Group to set up an appointment, or for more information on same day crown services.

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