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Composite Fillings Provide a Nearly Invisible Filling as Part of Cosmetic Dentistry Advancements

October 20, 2020

Composite Fillings Provide a Nearly Invisible Filling as Part of Cosmetic Dentistry Advancements

Anyone who had a cavity 40 years ago knowns well what a metal (silver) filling looks like. They know what it looks like when a mouth is filled with these obvious fillings. While they were better than the alternative used centuries ago – pulling the tooth – there are better options today. One of them is composite fillings that help a person look as though their teeth are entirely natural, even when they have fillings.

What’s Wrong with Metal Fillings?

The truth is that silver amalgam fillings were used for many years for a good reason. They can last as long as ten years and they are very reliable. Composite fillings generally do not last that long, and they can become cracked or chipped. Metal fillings do not become cracked or chipped. The main reason people don’t want to use metal fillings anymore is that they are an eyesore and they contain mercury. That said, unless a person has a mercury allergy, the amount found in fillings is not enough for most people to be concerned with.

Composite Fillings Give You the Natural Look You Want

Composite fillings are made from natural materials, which allows your dentist to more easily alter the materials to find the perfect color that will blend in with your natural tooth color. This fixes the cavity with a truly seamless appearance. Note that if you currently have metal fillings that are not causing you trouble, the Food and Drug Administration does not recommend having them removed. On the other hand, if they are broken, chipped, or causing trouble, then you should follow your dentist’s instructions.

There Are Other Cosmetic Dentistry Options for Cavities and Decay

Of course, cavities aren’t the only way to handle cavity or visible decay. Depending on how deep and serious the issue is, it might be time for a root canal and crown. You might be better off with a partial bridge or even a dental implant. Only your dentist can determine what your best options are. You can count on that from California Dental Group.

We Can Help You Find the Right Option to Stay Healthy

If you are like most people, you have two goals with your teeth: keep them healthy and keep them looking good. When it comes to filling a cavity, you want to ensure that both of those goals are being considered and being met. That is what you can expect when you contact California Dental Group and work with us. We will carefully assess the situation, provide your options, and ensure you have the necessary information to make an informed choice. Call us now at (800) 407-0161 to get started.

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