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Why Choose California Dental Group for Your Dental Implants

January 24, 2014

Providing dental implants is a team effort, so make sure you work with an established & experienced team

California Dental GroupGetting dental implants is a somewhat lengthy process that requires the cooperation of several different dental professionals in order to deliver maximum success and satisfaction. An expert dentist, an oral surgeon, and a crown provider will work together to plan your procedure, place the implants, track your recovery, and create the custom crowns that will cap your implants with realistic replacement teeth. When you get dental implants from California Dental Group, you can rest assured that all three of the professionals who will be on your case are already fully experienced—not only in their craft, but also in working together. You can expect to receive quality treatment with none of the miscommunications or other hassles that sometimes come with working with multiple different care providers. Let us take care of each step of the process so you can rest assured you’re in good hands.

A Caring Dentist

All of the dentists at California Dental Group are highly trained and experienced in providing thorough, caring, and compassionate dental care. You can trust our dentists to tell you honestly which kind of tooth replacement might be best for your oral health and your lifestyle rather than just automatically recommend the most expensive option. Our dentists can provide a detailed dental exam and oral health assessment to make sure you are a good candidate for dental implants, and then guide you through the process of having oral surgery, recovering from this surgery, placing crowns on your new dental implants, and caring for those implants over time.

A Skilled Oral Surgeon

Often, getting referred to a stranger’s office for a dental surgery can be stressful and disorienting for patients. When you work with California Dental Group, this won’t happen. We have skilled oral surgeons on staff so you don’t have to go outside the California Dental Group family to have your dental implant surgery. Because our surgeons and our dentists work together every day, they have an excellent relationship and you can rest assured they will collaborate to provide superior care for you each step of the way during and after surgery.

A Quality Crown Provider

Capping your dental implant pegs with high-quality crowns is very important, because the shape, color, and fit of the crowns play such a big role in the beauty of your new smile and the functionality of your new teeth. Because California Dental Group works with an excellent dental lab to create crowns for dental implants, you can rest assured you are getting a quality product. Plus, our dentists already have an established relationship with the techs at the crown provider, so it will be easy for them to communicate the specs of the project exactly and make sure you get the perfect crowns.

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