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Are You Embarrassed to Come to the Dentist? Check Out Three Reasons Not to Be

October 22, 2021

Are You Embarrassed to Come to the Dentist? Check Out Three Reasons Not to Be

Too often, patients are unable to see a dentist for several years and become trapped in a vicious cycle. They know they need treatment, but the status of their dental health makes them too ashamed to go to the dentist. We realize how tough this may be at California Dental Group. We’d want to remind you that we’re here to serve you, not to pass judgment, and that your dental health has an impact on your entire health.

The first step is to contact us at (800) 407-0161 to schedule a cleaning and examination. You may rest certain that our office is filled with people that are caring, empathetic, and professional.

Everything has been seen by us

You may be sure that we’ve seen it all before, no matter how humiliated you are. Keep in mind that dentists are equipped to handle a wide range of oral health concerns. Our goal isn’t to judge you for your situation, but to find a solution and relieve any pain or suffering you’re experiencing. If you’re worried about scheduling an exam, tell our receptionist when you call to arrange an appointment. Before we start, we’ll make sure to guide you through each step.

Tooth decay is only going to become worse

Some individuals believe that if their teeth have obvious symptoms of decay, the harm has already occurred. This is, once again, untrue. The fact is that the discomfort is just going to grow worse. Unless you get treatment from your local dentist, you will ultimately lose the decaying teeth you have now. The reality is that the longer you wait, the more expensive and unpleasant the therapy will become.

Gum disease can lead to a variety of serious problems

Gum disease is a common ailment that may be avoided and treated. If left untreated, it can lead to far more serious problems. Research after study, for example, demonstrates a substantial link between heart disease and gum disease, as well as diabetes and gum disease. It’s unclear if one causes the other, but it’s obvious that when one exists, the other is far more likely to appear.

Gum disease may be treated very easily if caught early enough. There are therapies we may employ to enhance the health of your gums and relieve any discomfort you are feeling, even if it has progressed substantially.

You can start improving your dental health now, no matter how bad it is right now. Don’t hesitate to call California Dental Group at (800) 407-0161 if you need assistance. We are excited to assist you in improving your overall quality of life.

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