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A dental crown requires more planning than one may think

September 13, 2019

A dental crown requires more planning than one may think

A dental crown is a cap shaped like your natural tooth used to restore, strengthen, and improve the aesthetics of a damaged or decayed tooth. Dental crowns, when cemented, will hold its place and look close to your natural. To achieve this result, your dentist takes time to plan the dental crown procedure. The amount of planning will ensure that crowns fit appropriately between teeth, look and match the color of your natural teeth, fit comfortably, and free of problems in the future.

Dental crown procedures consist of four phases:

  1. Planning,
  2. Crown preparation,
  3. Crown shade match,
  4. Crown placement.

Crown planning

The first step is to determine if a crown is appropriate to restore a tooth. Two scenarios can result from the initial evaluation. In cases when a dentist has determined that a crown is inappropriate, alternative dental procedures will be recommended to save or extract the tooth; however, if a dentist has determined that a crown is appropriate. A dentist will prepare the tooth for crowning based on the condition of the tooth. The dentist will decide if a root canal is required, how much of a tooth can be saved, and if any periodontal diseases need to be cured.

Crown preparation

The second step is to take an impression of the tooth. Putty will be used to make an impression of the tooth for the dental lab to mold the actual crown. Then the tooth is prepared for crowning. If required, a root canal will be done follow up by a core buildup. A core buildup will strengthen tooth to support a crown. Any additional procedures will be done at this time before a crown is placed.

Crown shade match

After the crown prep is completed, the dentist will match the shade of the crown to match the surrounding teeth. A shade guide is used to determine the ideal shade of the crown. Before you leave the dental clinic, a temporary crown is fitted to the prepared tooth. This ensures that the prepped tooth is not compromised before you return for the permanent crown.

Crown placement

On your final visit, the temporary crown will be removed and the underlying tooth cleaned and prep for the permanent crown. The crown is tried in and out to check fitment. If an additional correction needs to be made, the dentist will make the final adjustment before cementing the crown in place.

As you can see, it takes a lot of planning to place a crown that will last for a long time. If you have question about dental crown please contact California Dental Group at (800) 407-0161 to make your appointment.

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