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5 Fast Facts About Wisdom Teeth and Your California Dentist

February 9, 2022

5 Fast Facts About Wisdom Teeth and Your California Dentist

Most people have heard a variety of stories regarding other people’s wisdom teeth extractions by the time they need their own. When our patients hear that it’s their turn, we at California Dental Group understand that they may get worried or even afraid. That’s why we wanted to provide you some straightforward, easy-to-understand information on the procedure. After you’ve read it, give us a call at (800) 407-0161 if you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment.

  1. Extraction of wisdom teeth is a frequent procedure
  2. At some time in their life, over 85 percent of Americans will have their wisdom teeth removed. One of the most popular dental surgical procedures is wisdom tooth extraction. We’ve done this many times before at California Dental Group, and while we’ll treat you with the same care and attention as if you were our only patient, this isn’t a common operation.

  3. The majority of people have wisdom teeth, although not everyone does
  4. If you’ve never had your wisdom teeth pulled and are scared to see your dentist for a cleaning or exam because you don’t want them to be pulled, there’s some good news: you might not have any at all. While the majority of individuals do, some do not — and others have wisdom teeth lodged in their skulls that never break through or give them any difficulties.

  5. You might be surprised to learn why humans have wisdom teeth
  6. Wisdom teeth were not present in earlier generations of man. One of the reasons humans have them, according to experts, is because of our huge brain size. When our brains were smaller, we could fit all of our teeth right away. It became necessary for our jaws to be small when our brains began to take up so much space. The smaller jaw, on the other hand, prevented wisdom teeth from growing in until we were older.

  7. It’s probably not as difficult as you believe
  8. Is getting your wisdom teeth pulled more difficult than getting a regular cleaning? Yes, of course! However, it is not as horrible as you may believe. It might take as little as 45 minutes, depending on your scenario. Of course, impacts (when the tooth hasn’t broken through the gum) will take longer, but you’ll be astonished at how quickly most of these operations are.

  9. It won’t be as painful as you imagine
  10. The majority of individuals are most concerned about the pain they will feel if their wisdom teeth are removed. While any tooth extraction is certain to cause some discomfort, we will do everything we can to make it as comfortable as possible. Local anesthetic is used in the majority of instances, however more complicated, compressed, or diseased wisdom teeth may require general anesthesia. In any case, you won’t feel anything throughout the surgery, and we’ll give you pain medication if necessary.

It’s never too late to have your wisdom teeth removed, but the sooner you visit a dentist about problems with them, the easier they’ll be to cure. Make an appointment with California Dental Group now by calling (800) 407-0161.

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