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3 Reasons Not to be Too Embarrassed to Go to the Dentist

October 26, 2018

3 Reasons Not to be Too Embarrassed to Go to the Dentist

If it has been awhile since you were at the dentist then you may feel embarrassed. If you have bad breath, obvious signs of decay, or gum disease, then you may be too embarrassed to talk to your dentist. The bad news is that this is only going to lead to your oral health getting worse. Your dental issues will get worse and they will cost more to fix.

This is why we recommend you contact California Dental Group at (800) 407-0161 without embarrassment. Read on to learn three reasons you should never be embarrassed when working with us.

  1. We have seen your situation before
  2. The reality is that it is extremely unlikely that you have a unique dental problem. We are trained to deal with a huge range of oral health issues. You are not alone in whatever you are dealing with. Whether it’s an issue of extreme pain, a cracked or missing tooth, or significant decay, our only goal is to help you. We will perform a thorough dental exam and let you know what your options are.

  3. Poor oral health is progressive
  4. It is understandable to be embarrassed if your teeth do not look healthy. However, keep in mind that whatever is happening is progressive. Tooth decay only gets worse if not treated. The pain you are feeling is going to get worse if you do not see a dentist. In fact, if you have one tooth that is decayed, and you do not see the dentist, it can pass that infection on to other teeth.

    Remember as well that your poor oral health can affect your life. It can make you skip some of your favorite foods. It can make you feel uncomfortable and self-conscious. If you are missing a tooth, that gap can cause other teeth to move, which can misalign your bite. In short, there is nothing to gain by waiting to call the dentist.

  5. Gum disease leads to worse problems
  6. Gum disease is an incredibly common problem. It begins as gingivitis, which is very easy to treat and can be entirely reversed. If it is not treated then it can turn into a more serious condition known as periodontitis. No matter what level it is at, gum disease hurts. It will get worse and so will the pain. If left untreated, the gums will begin to recede, which can lead to tooth loss and bone loss. If the infection continues, then you will be at a higher risk for other health issues include diabetes and heart disease.

If it has been awhile since you last visited the dentist then we hope you will contact us right at California Dental Group. We are a compassionate, honest team of dental professionals who understand that there are many reasons a person may not make it to the dentist. Call us now at (800) 407-0161 and ask about financing options if necessary.

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