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More Millennials Seeking Preventative Care

November 5, 2014

Researchers attribute increase in millennials seeking preventative dental care to ACA provisions.

MillennialsIt’s not unusual for young people to neglect preventative dental care and routine health exams. While many forgo these services out of a desire to save time and money, there is also an assumption of invincibility behind the decision not to keep up with preventative care. They feel young and healthy and can’t imagine anything bad coming of the decision to skip preventative care.

Recently, researchers from the University of California San Francisco investigated how the habits of these “young invincibles” as they called them have been affected by the Affordable Care Act. Specifically, researchers were interested in how the ACA…

Senior Citizen’s Guide to Affordable Dental Care

November 2, 2014

Learn about options for getting affordable dental care after retirement.

Senior Citizen’s GuideRetirement brings many welcome changes, including more time to spend with family and friends or pursuing the hobbies and activities you love. However, it can also bring new financial constraints as you adjust to living on a fixed income. The loss of dental insurance coverage formerly provided by your employer can be a significant concern, especially considering how important good oral health is to seniors’ well-being.

You may be wondering how you will afford routine and emergency dental care once you lose your employer-sponsored dental plan. Here are some options that can help.

Get Medicare Advantage Coverage

Medicare Advantage plans are designed to…

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