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Tooth Pain? Ask Your Dentist—Not the Internet

February 4, 2016

Self-diagnosing your dental pain is a risk you should avoid

Tooth Pain? Ask Your Dentist—Not the InternetThe internet can be an excellent source of information about all kinds of topics, including your health. However, there is also a lot of misinformation out there. This is a big problem given the fact that so many people now turn to the web for help when they have a medical issue. Relying on information found online to self-diagnose and perhaps even treat a problem can potentially end up being much more costly than simply heading straight to a professional for help at the first sign of discomfort.

For example, say you have some tooth pain. You might wonder what is wrong, and decide that you will look it up online.

Unfortunately, there are many different possible causes of tooth pain, making it very hard to self-diagnose the root cause of your problem. Because people experience pain differently, you can’t necessarily even assume that a little pain means a little problem, and more severe pain means a more serious problem. Some people feel intense pain from tooth sensitivity, while others may be able to endure huge cavities without noting much discomfort.

So, let’s say you looked up tooth pain online and decided your minor, intermittent discomfort must be just tooth sensitivity. Since tooth sensitivity can often been relieved simply by improving your oral hygiene and using a re-mineralizing toothpaste, you might decide not to visit the dentist.

This could be a grave mistake. What you perceive as sensitivity could actually have already progressed to a cavity. If you continue to ignore the problem, the cavity and your pain could worsen, necessitating more extensive and more costly dental work. If you wait too long, you may even end up with so much damage that you end up losing the tooth.

Please, Call Us When You Have Dental Pain!

To save yourself from the risks inherent in self-diagnosing a dental problem and postponing necessary treatment, we urge you to contact California Dental Group at the first sign of dental pain. Our caring dentists will be happy to examine your teeth and provide advice about the best way to address the problem.

Remember, the sooner you visit the dentist, the more likely it is that we will be able to end your tooth pain with a small, affordable restorative treatment. Call the clinic location of your choice now if you need help.

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