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So many toothbrush options, should I care about the toothbrush I choose?

September 10, 2019

So many toothbrush options, should I care about the toothbrush I choose?

Choosing the right toothbrush is as essential as the toothpaste you use. Using the right toothbrush cannot be overstated when it comes to good dental hygiene. Using the wrong toothbrush is like using the wrong size tool for a job. For this reason, selecting the right toothbrush can keep your teeth clean for a long time. It might seem counterintuitive that it can cause harm to the teeth and gums. So, what makes a toothbrush ideal? Ideal, in this case, is a relative term. For example, the shape, size, texture, angle, and softness of the toothbrush bristle matters. Each of these toothbrush characteristics helps remove plaque and food debris. Selecting the correct size toothbrush for your mouth and teeth is essential. When brushing, the teeth should be cleaned gently but efficiently with the right type of toothbrush.

So, what makes a good toothbrush?

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), it is recommended that people brush their teeth with a soft-bristle toothbrush. The soft-bristled gently clean the teeth enamel without eroding the enamel. Brushing frequently with a hard bristle can significantly erode the enamel leading to tooth sensitivity. The corners of the toothbrush should be rounded to reduce gum bleeds. The rounded edges don’t nick gum line as much. Also, the ergonomic design of a toothbrush makes brushing much more effective at removing plaque and comfort. A toothbrush with angled heads provides a good entry into the corners of the mouth. The ergonomic design ensures proper contact on the tooth surface when brushing. Areas behind and above a tooth can be hard to reach if brushing does not remove the plaque, cavities, or infections can develop.

It is recommended that a toothbrush be replaced every three to four months or when the bristles are worn. No matter how well designed a toothbrush, if the bristle is worn out, it can no longer effectively keep your teeth clean. Using proper brushing techniques and an appropriately sized toothbrush is part of good dental hygiene. Practicing good oral hygiene can prevent cavities and early tooth decay. Visiting a dentist regularly and following proper brushing keep your oral health in good shape.

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