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Do You Have Sleep Apnea? How to Tell and What to Do About It

October 30, 2016

Do You Have Sleep Apnea? How to Tell and What to Do About It

Of course no one wants to have sleep apnea but millions of people suffer from it. If you’re afraid you may have it, then your next call should be to California Dental Group at (800) 407-0161. Read on to learn more about the symptoms and possible solutions.

The symptoms of sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is like most medical issues in that there are many different symptoms that could present themselves. However, the most common symptoms including snoring that disrupts other people, pausing your breathing while you’re sleeping, being very fatigued during the day, feeling short of breath while you’re sleeping, waking frequently in your sleep. Remember that these are just some of the symptoms of sleep apnea.

Visit our offices for more information on sleep apnea

If you believe that you may have sleep apnea but you’re not sure then your next step is to visit our offices. We’ll provide you with a questionnaire that will help clear up the issue and indicate if you do or don’t have sleep apneal. If it looks as though you do have sleep apnea then we may send you to a sleep clinic to get a sleep test. In other cases, you may able to do your sleep test at home.

Regardless of the way we diagnose you, once you have a definitive diagnosis, the next step is to determine how severe it is. This will give us the best idea on how to treat it. Remember that the long-term risks associated with sleep apnea can be quite severe but there are also many ways for us to treat it.

Treatment options for sleep apnea

When you visit a California dentist, you’ll have several options to treat your sleep apnea. One of these options is using an oral appliance. These are custom made by us with a plastic-like mold. It is made to exactly fit the specific shape of your teeth and mouth. These oral appliances are great not just against sleep apnea but they can actually help you stop snoring as well.

These mouthpieces can be very effective in cases of mild or moderate sleep apnea but they’ve also been shown to work with some people who have severe sleep apnea. They’re sometimes even used successfully as an alternative to CPAP or sleep apnea oral surgery options.

The oral appliances work by pushing your jaw forward. This boosts the size of the upper airway, which can then lower the air resistance. The higher the air resistance, the great your chances of sleep apnea and snoring.

You’ll find plenty of options online to buy a mouth guard to treat your sleep apnea but remember that these won’t work. You need an option that’s made specifically for your mouth and that’s what you’ll get when you come to California Dental Group for treatment.

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