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Your Oral Health Needs Change as You Age: Gum and Tooth Health for Those Over 60

July 21, 2017

Your Oral Health Needs Change as You Age: Gum and Tooth Health for Those Over 60

Are you one of the many people who believe that loosing teeth is inevitable as you get older? The reality is that most people can keep their teeth for the entire lives – as long as they take care of them. That said, what a person needs to do for good oral health at 15 aren’t necessarily identical to what they need to do when they’re 60.

Read on to learn more about how the average person’s teeth and gums age as they age. Then learn how you can adjust your home oral health care to adjust for these changes. Feel free to contact California Dental Group at (800) 407-0161 to make an appointment to meet an a dentist who understands your unique needs.

The most common oral health care changes that come with aging

Not everyone will experience these changes, and some people will experience them much earlier in life. However, these are the most common oral health care changes we see in our patients over 60 years old. First, the nerves in the teeth can actually get smaller. This makes teeth less sensitive to cavities.

While this may seem like a good thing, the reality is that if tooth pain is often the first warning sign of a cavity. Getting regular exams and cleanings is even more important as you age, since your teeth won’t necessarily hurt to alert you there’s a problem.

This is especially true when you consider that the teeth are more susceptible to cavities as you age. Why? Because your mouth no longer produces the same amount of saliva – and saliva is instrumental in keeping your mouth clean.

Finally, health issues that often come with age can lead to gum infections. These health issues include:

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Heart problems

Tips to help you maintain and / or improve the health of your teeth and gums

First, you should get comfortable with the basics: Brushing twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and cleaning between your teeth at least once a day with either a floss or waterpik. If you wear either full or partial dentures, they need to be cleaned daily as well. Make sure you’re taking them out at night.

Most tap water in California includes fluoride, so we recommend you drink it. Fluoride can help lower your chances of tooth decay, but you can also ask for a Fluoride treatment from your dentist. In fact, that’s our final point: Visit your dentist.

We can’t stress enough how important it is that have you follow a wise oral health plan – which includes regular appointments with a dentist. If you do loose teeth, there are many ways we can help you, from implants to dentures. However, we know you’d prefer to keep those pearly whites – so take care of them. If you’re looking for a reliable dentist in California, reach out to California Dental Group at (800) 407-0161 for more information.

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