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Oral Cleaning For A Baby’s First Year of Life

August 12, 2019

Oral Cleaning For A Baby's First Year of Life

Being feed a nutritious meal and cared for is necessary for your baby’s development and overall health. Regular oral care will set good habits as your baby grows.

From Infant to Six-months of Age

For infants to six months of age, parents should regularly clean their child’s mouth every night, starting from birth. The purpose of providing oral care at such a young age is to help keep your baby’s mouth clean. Brushing helps your baby learn to brush and become accustomed to brushing. Infants typically begin teething between four and six months of age.

Follow these simple steps to help keep your child’s mouth clean:

  1. Prepare a fresh piece of gauze or cloth and room temperature water in a cup.
  1. Thoroughly wash your hands so that they are clean to prevent the spread of germs.
  1. Wrap the gauze or cloth around your finger, damp it with water.
  1. Cradle your baby with one arm.
  1. Gently put your finger inside your baby’s mouth and wipe the upper and lower gum.

The gentle gum massage and soft abrasive of a gauze or cloth pad helps remove food debris and helps stimulate the gums.

Ages 6 to 12-months

Between the ages of 6 to 12 months, infants typically start your baby will get their first teeth. Eventually, the baby teeth will fall out, but before they do, parents should keep them clean. At this stage, your baby will be learning how to use their first set of teeth to teeth and eat. More importantly, practicing healthy habits prevents or reduce tooth decay in infants and children.

Follow these five simple tips to help keep your child’s first teeth clean and healthy.

  1. Continue to clean your infant’s gum after finishing a meal.
  1. Once their first tooth has erupted, start using a soft bristle brush to clean after a meal. However, do not use toothpaste because, at this early stage of development, fluoride toothpaste can be harmful.
  1. Schedule your child’s first dental appointment before his/her first birthday.
  1. If your family mostly drink bottled water, consider giving your child fluoridate water.
  1. Avoid letting your child sleep with a bottle in their mouth prevents early tooth decay.

Proactively providing oral care for your child’s first year of life can be highly beneficial in promoting good health and wellness as your baby reaches his/her growth milestone.

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