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New Year’s Resolution: Dental Health

January 10, 2020

New Year’s Resolution: Dental HealthThe New Year is here! It’s 2020 and everyone is making their new year’s resolution. Many people are looking to focus more on themselves for the coming year, while others are making plans to exercise and eat healthier. There is no absolute new year’s resolution for all. As you are trying to figure out a new year’s resolution for yourself, consider making dental health part of your year. Your dental health is a very important part of your overall wellness. Understanding the benefits of great dental health can be motivating and rewarding. Taking small steps and remaining consistent is key to achieving your goals in the new year. Here are some dental related resolutions that you can consider doing in the new year.

Dental Health Resolutions

  1. Improve your teeth brushing and flossing habits. The health of your teeth and gums are essential to your overall health. It is important that you brush your teeth at least two times a day and floss between your teeth once a day. Brushing your teeth correctly helps to remove plaque buildup around the gum lines to avoid gum disease. Flossing helps to reduce plaque and remove food particles that may be stuck between teeth. Using a fluoridated toothpaste can help prevent tooth decay.
  2. Eat healthier foods. Selecting nutritious foods to eat is important for your dental health. Fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts can improve your body’s ability to combat bacteria and reduce inflammation; this helps to protect your teeth and gums. Additionally, crisp fruits and raw vegetables such as apples, carrots and celery can help to clean plaque from your teeth and freshen breath.
  3. Drink better beverage choices. Choosing less sugary drinks can help to reduce tooth decay. The sugar in drinks can stick to your teeth, which bacteria can turn into acid to erode your teeth. Drinking water is the best, not only for your body but for your teeth and oral health as well.
  4. Improve your smile. If you would like to enhance your smile with the new year, there are multiple ways you can do this. Tooth whitening methods include: whitening toothpaste, professionally applied bleaching agents, over the counter whitening kits, or prescription whitening products. These approaches will brighten your teeth making a whiter smile.
  5. Quit using tobacco products. Smoking cigarettes and using smokeless tobacco not only yellows your teeth, but is bad for your overall health. Using tobacco can also lead to oral and gum diseases, cavities, and throat, lung, and oral cancer.
  6. Stick to routine dental visits. Always remember to go to see your dentist for your checkup. It is recommended that you see your dentist at least twice a year. During the routine visit your dentist will check and exam the health of your teeth and clean them. Attending regular visits allows your dentist to monitor your oral health and catch any dental or oral issues before they become serious. If you have additional oral health needs, your dentist may require you to see them more often than twice a year.
  7. Seek to preserve your teeth. If you are a teeth grinder, you may want to seek ways to preserve your teeth this year. Grinding your teeth may be caused by stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, abnormal bite, or missing or out of alignment teeth. You may experience symptoms such as dull headaches, jaw soreness, painful teeth, or surface teeth fractures. Consult your dentist to help you address your concerns with your teeth grinding.

If you are looking to make a dental health resolution this year, remember to talk to your dentist. Our California Dental Group team will be happy to help you with your dental health resolution! Give us a call today at (800) 407-0161 to discuss with us your concerns. Let’s work together to achieve your new year’s resolution!

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