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Make Dental Care a Family Affair

February 23, 2014

Set a good example for your kids by involving the whole family in oral care

Make Dental Care a Family AffairDid you know that half of all Americans have gum disease? This means it’s more than likely that a member of your immediate family is suffering for some form of the disease. While mild to moderate gum disease may be practically symptom-free, if left untreated it could quickly advance to severe gum disease, potentially resulting in receding gums, tooth loss, and other painful conditions. Is this what you want for your family? Of course not! Here are some helpful tips for making dental care a family affair, so that you can make sure everyone gets the care they need to keep their teeth healthy.

Supervise Brushing

Good oral care at home is the foundation of a healthy mouth. Naturally young children need to be supervised while brushing, but it isn’t a bad idea to pop in on your older kids or even your spouse once in a while to check out their technique. We all need help and motivation sometimes to keep up with our oral hygiene, and a loving reminder from a family member goes a lot further than nagging from the family dentist. Remember, kids look up to their elders as role models, so make sure you’re displaying excellent oral hygiene.

Schedule Dental Appointments Together

When visiting a family dentist like California Dental Group that serves patients of all ages, you can get the care you need for kids, teens, adults, and seniors. By scheduling family appointments together, you can not only save on travel time by making only one trip to the dentist, but also help kids see that visiting the dentist regularly is important for people of all ages. This prevents kids from viewing visiting the dentist as something that they only have to do until they move out of the house and become independent. Scheduling appointments for older family members can also be helpful if it is difficult for them to find a ride to the dentist on their own.

Involve Your Pets

Many Americans view pets as part of the family, and it’s important to note that pets need dental care too. While we don’t serve pets here at California Dental Group, there are plenty of veterinary clinics that do. Taking a look at Fido’s dirty teeth can be an excellent learning experience for kids, as they can clearly see what their teeth might look like if they never brushed, flossed, or visited the dentist!

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