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How Bad is Your Gum Disease? Find Out the Telltale Signs That it is Worse Than You Think

February 17, 2021

How Bad is Your Gum Disease? Find Out the Telltale Signs That it is Worse Than You Think

If you have been told you have gum disease, or you suspect that you do, then you might be wondering just how bad it is. It is not useful to assume the worst, but it is important to get help from an experienced dentist. Keep reading to learn some signs that your gum disease has advanced, and then contact California Dental Group at (800) 407-0161 to set up an appointment for a dental cleaning and exam.

Consider Your Dental Habits

In most cases, a person who has advanced gum disease is not a person who has great dental habits. If you brush twice daily and floss daily, then you likely do not have advanced gum disease. However, if you skip days or even weeks of brushing or flossing, then your worry that your gum disease is serious is much more likely to be true.

Bleeding is a Strong Sign That You Have Gum Disease

A healthy gum does not generally bleed. If you find that you are constantly spitting out blood when you brush your teeth, then you almost certainly have some level of gum disease. The bleeding occurs because the gums are swollen and inflamed, and even the light touch of your brushing injuries them and causes bleeding. The worse the bleeding is, the worse your gum disease is likely to be.

Loosening Teeth Are a Very Bad Sign

Unfettered gum disease eventually causes the gum tissue to deteriorate and decay. Since your gum tissue is what actually holds your teeth in your mouth, when that tissue disappears, your teeth can go with it. Without sufficient gum to hold the teeth in, they will come out. You could also be losing bone as the teeth become separated from the gum. In short, if you have loosening teeth, then you should visit your dentist right away.

If Caught Early, Gum Disease is Curable

The good news is that if you get to the dentist as soon as you start to think you might have a problem, then improving your brushing and flossing routine could be all the treatment you need. Even if you have left it and the gum disease has gotten worse, there are still treatments that could help you save your gum and teeth.

The key to proper treatment is to get help as soon as you know you have an issue. Contact California Dental Group at (800) 407-0161 now to make an appointment with a dentist.

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