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Help Your Children Build Strong Oral Health Habits Early by Following These Tips

August 13, 2021

Help Your Children Build Strong Oral Health Habits Early by Following These Tips

If you’re a new parent, the American Dental Association’s guidelines may surprise you. Many new parents believe that cleaning their child’s teeth is not necessary until they are several years old. The reality is that you should begin a regular brushing routine as soon as your baby’s first tooth appears. Continue reading to find out more, and then call California Dental Group with any questions or to schedule a consultation with a family dentist.

Cavities in baby teeth are exactly as common as cavities in adult teeth

Keep in mind that your child’s baby teeth are just as susceptible to cavities as adult teeth, and that any sort of decay in their mouth is bad for their oral health. We recommend using a washcloth and approximately as much toothpaste as might fit on a grain of rice when you first begin assisting your kid with oral health care. Then swab each tooth with a damp cloth.

Brushing your child’s teeth after each meal, or at least twice a day, will become more vital as he or she gets more teeth. When it comes to brushing your teeth, choose for a soft brush and a tiny amount of toothpaste. You want to make the experience as enjoyable as possible for your child so that they will stick to it for the rest of their lives.

Alternatives and special products for children

Infants and toddlers have toothbrushes that are particularly designed for them. They have extremely small heads, some of them are even shaped like a triangle or a circle, allowing your child to stroll around with the brush without fear of being harmed if they fall.

You may also use children’s toothpaste, but if your youngster doesn’t like it, brush without it. This isn’t ideal, but we’d prefer you get them used to cleaning their teeth than battle and end up with a youngster who despises it. The aim at this time is to remove food particles from their mouth, which you may accomplish successfully without using a toothbrush if your infant just has a few teeth.

When your child’s teeth begin to touch, begin flossing

It’s time to begin to teach flossing to your child once they have two teeth that contact. This is the most crucial step in preventing food from becoming trapped between their teeth. You’ll have to assist your child with this until their fine motor skills mature, which won’t happen until they’re six or seven years old.

For assistance, see your family dentist

Call California Dental Group at (800) 407-0161 if you have any concerns about how to care for your child’s teeth. Within six months, we encourage that you bring your kid in for a dental cleaning and exam.

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