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Same-Day Crowns: Beautiful Teeth Without the Wait

September 17, 2014

Same-Day CrownsInnovations in digital technology now allow dentists to offer same-day crowns. Patients can simply wait for the crown to be constructed at the office instead of in a laboratory. Generally, getting a crown is a long process involving several appointments and two to three weeks of waiting time. Individuals considering dental crowns for damaged or decayed teeth may consider same-day crowns.

What Is a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are caps, often made out of ceramic, that replicate the appearance of teeth. A crown is placed over an existing tooth and covers it to the gum line. Crowns remedy a variety of problems, such as tooth decay, damage, or severe discoloration. Dentists also use crowns to protect teeth that have undergone a root canal procedure.

How Are Same-Day Crowns Made?

First, dentists use a very small camera attached to a wand that creates a three-dimensional image of the tooth and the surrounding area. A special software generates the crown’s design, which the dentist can alter if needed. The information can then be sent from the software to a machine, which manufactures the crown from a piece of ceramic. Using brushes, a dentist can paint the crown to mimic the translucency and color of natural teeth. Once the crown has been made, the dentist will prepare the existing tooth and attach the crown on top.

Benefits of Same-Day Crowns

For a standard dental crown, a patient must have an appointment where a dentist will take very accurate molds of the tooth. After the surface of the tooth has been shaved down, the dentist will put a temporary crown in place, which will remain in place for a few weeks. When the custom crown arrives from the laboratory, the patient will return for a second appointment. This visit will entail the removal of the temporary crown, cleaning of the tooth, and placement of the new crown. With a same-day crown, an individual can avoid the wait and can leave the dentist with a beautiful smile after only one appointment. The convenience of this procedure makes it an enticing option for many prospective patients. Dental crowns not only protect teeth and improve the appearance of a smile, but they can boost confidence and remedy self-consciousness.

Restore Your Smile in Just a Day

Your oral health affects the look of your smile, your comfort, and your overall wellness. Diseased, damaged, or missing teeth can cause pain, hinder your ability to eat or speak, and make you feel uncomfortable about your appearance. A same-day dental crown prevents these issues and only requires a small amount of your time. If you think a dental crown could improve your smile, contact one of California Dental Group’s several locations today.

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