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Are You Nervous About Finding the Right Family Dentist? Learn the Three Things You Should Be Looking For

September 4, 2020

Are You Nervous About Finding the Right Family Dentist? Learn the Three Things You Should Be Looking For

It is hard enough to find the right dentist for yourself, but when you have children and need a family dentist, it can be even more challenging. The good news is that California Dental Group is here to help every member of your family. But don’t take our word for it – consider the three things you should look for in a local dentist and determine if we meet your needs. Then call us at (800) 407-0161 to set up an appointment.

  1. They Have a Good Reputation
  2. You can learn a lot about a potential dentist by simply asking around about them. Talk to friends and family. Ask your co-workers. You can even check with your pediatrician to get advice. You can also check out online reviews but remember that these are left anonymously. There are many reasons people might leave a dishonest, negative review. Look for patterns rather than specific reviews that stand out.

  3. Your Dentist Should Have Exceptional Training
  4. You need a dentist who is highly trained in overall dentistry and any specific issues you might have. For example, not all dentist are trained on how to help children. Not all dentist work with Invisalign and other orthodontics. If you have a family member that you think will need Invisalign, braces, or another specialty service, make sure that you choose someone with experience in that issue.

  5. The Dentist Understands the Needs of Children
  6. Yes, a dentist who is going to treat your child should have dental training in how to treat children. However, that is not the only thing they need to know about working with children. They also need to know how to handle a nervous child, how to make the dentist’s office fun, how to help kids feel more comfortable, and how to encourage life-long positive dental habits from children. Choose a dentist who has years of experience working with children, but who also offers a personal touch you – and your child – feel comfortable with.

Are You Ready to Book an Appointment with a Family Dentist?

If you are ready to set up an appointment with a family dentist then we welcome your call to California Dental Group at (800) 407-0161. We have a variety of locations throughout Southern California so you can find offices that are convenient for you. We are taking special caution during the time of COVID to keep you and your family safe. Call us now with any questions you might have or to get set up with an appointment.

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