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Are You Guilty of Any of These Four Habits That Can Injure Your Teeth?

June 29, 2018

Are You Guilty of Any of These Four Habits That Can Injure Your Teeth?

You would be hard pressed to find anyone who says that they do not want healthy teeth, yet people do things that injure their teeth every day. In some cases, they simply don’t realize the harm they are doing. At California Dental Group we are never in the business of judging people’s life choices. However, we do believe that our clients should know all the information before they make a choice. Read on to learn about four common habits that can deteriorate the health of teeth.

Using tobacco

Yes, it is true that if you use tobacco you have likely be told you should quit hundreds of times. There are many reasons to do so but we need to add the fact that it is bad for your teeth. not only can it stain your teeth, but it causes bad breath and can significantly damage the gums. Chewing tobacco is even worse on the teeth than smoking because it sits right on your gums and can lead to oral cancer.

Drinking soda

You may love soda but it is important that you know how it could be affecting your teeth. If you are drinking full sugar soda then you could be leading to a lot of plaque buildup. Even if you are drinking diet or non-caloric soda, it is still acidic, which can break down your enamel. If you must drink soda, we recommend using a straw. This isn’t a perfect solution but it will take the soda to the back of your mouth, which keeps it from sitting on your teeth.

Vitamin deficiency

In today’s world, it seems as though people are busier than ever. This is especially true for parents, who often overlook the habits that help them look and feel their best. One of the things that is most important and often overlooked is ensuring that you are getting your vitamins. There are a few in particular that are very important for your teeth. Vitamin C is important for the gums and can fight gum disease. Vitamin D can help keep teeth strong. If you do not want to worry about getting the right combination of foods, try premade daily packets of vitamins.

Not paying attention to daily brushing and flossing

Once again, in the world in which we are all so busy, it can be tempting to skip your morning or evening brush. Even more frequently, people will skip flossing. If you do this, just know that you are letting sugar and starch just sit on your teeth. The longer they are sitting there, the more they are damaging your teeth. This can include plaque building up and damage to the enamel. We suggest keeping an extra toothbrush at work or in your purse or backpack.

Remember as well that visiting your dentist twice a year is important. We can provide a full exam to get rid of any problem areas before they become serious and we can do a deep cleaning to get your teeth in great shape. Contact California Dental Group at (800) 407-0161 today to learn more.

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