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7 Health Issues that Can Affect Your Teeth and Gums

April 1, 2016

Learn how your overall health can impact your oral health

7 Health Issues that Can Affect Your Teeth and GumsDo you consider visiting the dentist a sort of afterthought or “extra” that’s not really vital for your overall health? Think again. Your oral health is actually inextricably linked to your overall health. Problems with your teeth and gums can increase your risk of certain health problems, and vice versa.

By visiting the dentist in Los Angeles CA often, you can protect your oral health and your overall health. Routine dental care is especially important if you suffer from any of these 7 health issues that can affect your teeth and gums.

High Blood Pressure: If you have high blood pressure, your risk of gum disease will be increased and you may find yourself suffering from bleeding gums. And if you are taking medication for high blood pressure, you could also be at increased risk of tooth decay, since many blood pressure medications cause dry mouth.

Heart Disease: Individuals who have heart disease tend to be at an increased risk of gum disease. There is also evidence to suggest that having gum disease could be linked to an increased risk of heart disease.

Diabetes: If you have diabetes, you may be at increased risk of the severe form of gum disease, namely periodontitis. The risk will be greatest when your blood sugar is poorly controlled. With periodontitis, gums become so inflamed that they can actually start to pull away from teeth, making teeth loose and perhaps even leading to missing teeth.

Kidney Disease: Long-term kidney disease can cause poor bone health, heart disease, and high blood pressure, each of which will increase your risk of severe gum disease and tooth loss.

Obesity: Being significantly overweight has been linked to periodontitis. Researchers believe that the culprit is inflammation—fat cells produce proteins that trigger inflammation, and gum disease is also related to inflammation.

Osteoporosis: Both men and women suffer from reduced bone density or osteoporosis as they age. This condition can affect the bone in your jaw, which may lead to loose teeth or perhaps even tooth loss.

Rheumatoid Arthritis: According to multiple studies, having rheumatoid arthritis makes it more likely that you will have gum disease. Having gum disease and missing teeth is also linked to worsening RA.

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