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4 Reasons Regular Dental Cleanings and Exams are Essential

December 21, 2018

4 Reasons Regular Dental Cleanings and Exams are Essential

Most people know that their dentist recommends dental cleanings and exams at least every six months. However, it is common for patients to not understand why this is so important. Read on to learn why we recommend frequent cleanings and exams, then contact California Dental Group at (800) 407-0161 to make an appointment with a local dentist.

  1. We can remove tartar

  2. Tartar develops on your teeth if plaque is left and has time to harden. If you’ve ever seen your dental hygienist scraping your teeth, then you have seen them removing tartar. It is true that brushing and flossing regularly and correctly can minimize tartar development. However, even with the best home oral health care habits, it is virtually impossible to get rid of all plaque. If it is allowed to harden into tartar, it cannot be removed with normal brushing.

  3. We can identify decay before it becomes a big issue

  4. In most cases, tooth decay begins small and does not cause pain. However, if it is left without being treated, it can cause serious toothaches that are extremely painful. When you have your teeth cleaned and examined regularly, we can check for signs of decay. The earlier we catch a cavity the more likely we will be to save your tooth from pain and more invasive procedures such as a root canal.

  5. We can keep an eye on the health of your gums

  6. The health of your gums affects more than your oral health – it can affect your overall health. If you have poor health in your gums you could end up dealing with pain and tooth loss. Gum disease is correlated with a higher chance of chronic health conditions including high blood pressure and diabetes. Every time you visit California Dental Group to have your teeth cleaned, we will assess the health of your gums by checking the firmness and color of your gums, as well as measuring pockets.

  7. We will get x-rays to see what’s going on below the surface

  8. We generally do not do x-rays at every appointment. For most patients, once a year is enough. However, some patients who have suffered bone loss, gum disease, or other issues may need x-rays more often. This imaging process allows us to see areas of decay that we could not see with just our instruments alone. In short, we get the most complete view so we can provide the best treatment plan for any issues.

Make an appointment today to have your teeth cleaned and examined

If it has been more than six months since you have had your teeth cleaned and examined then now is a great time to contact California Dental Group at (800) 407-0161 for an appointment. We will set up you with an experienced associate who can help you get the best possible oral health.