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3 Reasons Summer is the Best Season for Teens to Get Braces

June 9, 2016

Learn why getting braces put on in summer can make for an easier adjustment to orthodontics

3 Reasons Summer is the Best Season for Teens to Get Braces

Does your teenager need braces? Sometimes, kids may feel so self-conscious about their misaligned teeth that they are actually eager to get braces. But many teens think their teeth are okay as they are and loathe the idea of calling attention to themselves with braces. Of course the fact of the matter is that orthodontic treatment is in your child’s best interests, no matter how they may feel about it. After all, crooked teeth are harder to clean and can therefore put kids at risk for tooth decay, gum disease, and perhaps even eventual tooth loss.

If it’s time for your teen to get braces, now is the perfect time to start. Beginning orthodontic treatment during the summer months can be very advantageous for the whole family because:

Scheduling is Easier. Getting braces put on typically takes at least three appointments. First, there will be the initial consultation. Then there will be a lengthy appointment for the installation, followed by a quick follow up visit. It’s much easier to find time for these three rapid-fire appointment during the summer, when many teens have fewer demands on their time.

Teens Have Time To Adjust. There are many aspects of having braces that take some getting used to. For example, you have to learn how to eat without making your braces one solid wall of food debris. If there are wires on the backs of the teeth, it can take time to adjust speech and avoid lisping. There are also the initial aches and pains of moving teeth to get used to. Teens will appreciate having time to figure all this out in the privacy and comfort of their own home rather than at school.

They’ll Develop Good Hygiene Habits. Because braces can trap so much food, it is essential to learn how to clean them properly after each meal. When kids are busy at school, it can be tempting to let hygiene slide. But when they are at home, they have easy access to their toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss as well as the time to learn to clean between their brackets and wires. At first this will be tedious but soon they’ll master it and be prepared for quick cleanings at school in the future.

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