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Top 5 Questions About Floss Answered

September 2, 2015

Get answers to commonly asked questions here so you can start to floss like a boss!

Top 5 Questions About Floss AnsweredVery few people enjoy flossing, but we bet you will enjoy the potential consequences of not flossing—such as cavities, toothache, gum disease, and possibly even tooth loss—even less. Hopefully, this short Q&A on flossing will help inspire you to be more diligent about this aspect of your oral hygiene.

Is There a Wrong Way to Floss?

Any flossing that you do is better than not flossing at all. However, if you want to be a perfect flosser, avoid these common mistakes:

  • Snapping: You don’t want the floss to snap against your gums, as this…

Have You Scheduled Your Child’s Back to School Dental Visit Yet?

September 1, 2015

It’s not too late to get the care your child needs to set the stage for a successful school year.

Have You Scheduled Your Child’s Back to School Dental Visit Yet?There’s a lot to do to get ready for a new school year, from buying new clothes and supplies to enrolling your child in after school programs. And considering that the end of summer tends to sneak up so quickly, it’s no surprise if you have forgotten a task or two.

For example, did you remember to take your child to the dentist for their semi-annual cleaning and exam? If not, we encourage you to call one of our convenient clinic locations to…

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